In the last stages of past thoughts

Some may wonder. Some won’t.  Some will critique, othets will join. Yet,  it seems inconsequential. I think the desire to share my innet thoughts is not so overwhelming a need, so as to substantiate allowing others a miniscule glance into the life obscura…(me) Besides, cannot write when in such a perceived state, my writing will mimic my daily happenings, even i think there has to be a steadfast limit. I am not vapid, i have insights, intuition, and a worldview many may never agree with amd/or adopt. But thats why this is my life, and as miserable as it may be…no one can be a part of it I do not choose to partake. (Big whoop huh) it is sacred to me…as you should hold your lives to be in such similar regard.

Thats it.