So..I need…badly need…

To go back to work. My awesomeness of a super “boss” visor is doing what he can, amd for that, i could not be more thankful for.  It waw just a bad unfortunate circumstance….nothin to do with my actions. So i hope to get the word soon. 
Also really…bad.want tp change my surrpundings. I will forever curse the one aspect of this area…that was unlike any misfortune outside my turn of life..that seems to just keep providing badness in life. But whatcha gonna do… I know. Try and get to q different place where it will be like before. Seen and both not seen. In an ideal world anyway…

Ultra badly…need to dispose of journals, blogs, any art “wanna be” attempts made while here in this place. If i leave to better or find myself far worse…i do not desire to be reminded of this failure of a repeated nature.  Its just difficult removing thought and my minds product. Better removed than having strangers constantly reading..judging,  and assumimg they know. This blog will be first , journals harder…they cannpt simply be diacarded…but i will figure it out. Then…who knows…just wanted to have people i don’t know not hate me..well only way moving forward.. 1. Keep opinions within 2.pain is yours no one wants it 3. Better jackit than jack ass it and be misunderatood 4. Where ever future takea ya…just say nothing…if u try u will end up wit ya hating ya, best to let em hate u for mystery 5. Whatever you are in your self love or hate…never let someone help you find more to hate about the future to find plenty of reasons. Dont allow others to add 6. Shut the fuck matter what any evpke..just stfu. 7. Remember the end…this life and world are not so gopd in my eyes. But if u do it just well enuf..u may b rewarded after all is said and done. 8. Never..allow love so quickly…platonic or other…you can care..but don’t. I will defwr to 6 and remind..shut the fuck up.. 9. Keep a disney song in mind. ..there is one for all feelings…just think Disney (wicked works too) and sing worry away. 10. Most crucial… You know who will speak to the soul in effprt to enrich..despite intention sometimes we neee someone’s truth even if not forget what WP said..

If you blow into a vagina with your can blow a woman up like a baloon. (Noooo he did say..and it does indeed work) He said in this will only get a few true to God friends”

 I love em… Dont kno why i Dont listen. Oh well…dont matter…nobody who cares for me reads this..

Better enjoy it…

These words will be lost to time…very sopn. Ill try again when life is not as it is.