John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Socrates

These two men are hero’s of mine, and have been since I was able to grasp the gravity, of what their existence meant to this earth. Men of fearless, moral fortitude, forged so deeply in conviction of belief they were willing to surrender their lives for their ideals of how they felt. I will not… Continue reading John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Socrates

NO Matter Your Thoughts…

Some will find fault in all of it. This is becoming a sad reality for me. While I know my life is that of a damaged individual, I am never without hope for two reasons that i am apt to speak of here, there are many others, but none that my viewers?haters shall know of through this medium. 1st, God…I am religious and if God be with you, who may stand against you???? 2nd…my intelligence. Speak ell of me, but I am far more intelligent than most I have interacted with. Hate it or love it, neither will make it less true. Lets do something new shall we??? I will state a word that you must learn about after reading this…. 😀 FUN TO LEARN!!!

The fox had a plan to capture and eat the rabbit, but in case he failed he knew where there was an injured mouse, this was his
CONTINGENCY PLAN. He preferred the plump rabbit tho.

The word is Contingency plan. Now do your homework and together we will build your vocabulary to a level akin to my own. And remember:……..rif-logo-blue-large